The United States Senate

The Senate has 100 seats

Two members are elected from each state by popular vote to serve six-year terms

One-third of the members are renewed every two years

Each of the 50 states sends 2 people to the Senate. This means that each state has equal representation in the Senate. Each senator serves a term of 6 years. When their 6 year term is over, the people from that state may choose to elect a new senator or keep the same one. There is no limit on the number of terms a senator can serve.

Senators must:
Be at least 30 years old
Be a U.S. citizen for the past 9 years
Live in the state they represent

The Senate has special jobs that only it can do:
Say yes or no to any treaties the president makes
Say yes or no to any people the president recommends for jobs, such as cabinet officers, Supreme Court justices, and ambassadors
Hold a trial for a government official who does something very wrong